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As the end of the year draws near (and the days grow darker) Satori Yoga Teacher has compiled some great reminders on Embodying the Light Within plus a few Warrior poses to put it into action this month!

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Stepping into the Warrior, Embodying the Light Within?
by Satori Vinyasa Yoga Teacher,?Faern
T/Th @ 4pm +?Tues @ 6:45pm
Image Credit: Rob Kunkle, Good Lux Photography

“It takes courage to believe in the light within. Even if you are a skeptic this light is always within us, but we have to cultivate it and claim it.

In order to step into our true nature we have to be brave, and step loving through the inner workings of the mind to find the deep cave of the heart space. This is not easy work.

Through yoga you are empowered to work with your inner warrior on the mat. Practice here allows for a stronger possibility to we can do the same in our daily lives – to be true to ourselves.

Next time you roll out your mat tap into your inner light by taking notice of the following things:

  • Your perspective
  • How you are taking up space (stance)
  • How you see (look on face, inner dialogue)
  • How you face what is offered (attitude)
  • How you react / interact (approach to transitions, foundations & safety)

Cultivating your inner warrior on and off the mat will help you make any changes that are needed in your life.

Your fuel for change in this life is your inner light. Consider all the ways you can nurture and support growth – one of the most effective being keeping your practice up.”

Featured Yoga Poses for December!
A Deeper Look at Warrior 1:
Embrace the heart open – but protected essence of this posture.Practice: Bring your feet as wide as the hips with the back leg strong, and bring your back foot slightly pointed forward.The heart and gaze is squaring forward and up, and your hands are in prayer (or shoulder width).

Take up space in all directions

A Deeper Look at Warrior 3:
This heart-wide-open variation of Warrior 3 perfectly embodies the combination of heart-centered strength.

Practice: Start in Warrior 1 and clasp the hands behind your back (or use a strap!)

The standing leg is nice and strong. Lean forward on an inhale to begin this balance on the front leg.

Take up space in all directions, and make sure the lifted leg is very active and the heart is reaching forward.

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Going Upside Down for the Holidays
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Thursday, December 7th 6:45 – 8:30pmThe holidays are upon us which often puts us on all degrees of the emotional scale. How do we take time for ourselves?When do we pause and go inward to check-in if we’re staying true to ourselves as we meander along these last few weeks of the year? Join Magi in this extended class to shift our focus by going upside down.

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