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Satori Yoga Studio is an oasis in the heart of San Francisco's Financial District. We are devoted to helping urban professionals relax, unwind, and move in a soothing and conveniently located environment. Satori provides a wide variety of Yoga and meditation classes for practitioners of all levels including Vinyasa, Iyengar Restorative, Yin Yoga and more. We also offer on-site massage, personal training, reiki and Ayurvedic consultations.

Satori is one of the very few black + woman / mama-owned yoga studios in San Francisco. Our mission over the last 15 years has not changed: we hold space for all practitioners regardless, of age, race, gender, physical ability, financial means or orientation of any type. Our belief is the benefits that can be gained through the conscientious practice of yoga and other systems that provide balance, strength and confidence are life-changing.

There is an emphasis on mindfulness, stress reduction and relaxation in all our classes. Our mission is to give students an opportunity to look within, refocus, and regain a sometimes lost sense of perspective.

We are also proud to offer ongoing Anti-Racism events and a new book club for the community during these times of awakening and change. Whether you are in San Francisco, or anywhere in the globe we look forward to being in community together!

Andrea Stern

Just over 15 years ago I was working in Corporate Human Resources when I felt a call to help employees on a deeper, more meaning level.

After much thought, research and consideration and after feeling the benefits of a midday yoga session, I decided to open a yoga studio catering specifically to the needs of urban professionals in the heart of San Francisco?s Financial District.

In 2004 Satori Yoga Studio opened its doors and welcomed the stressed out, worker-bees looking for just a glimpse of enlightenment (which is by the way, the definition of Satori)


Helping Urban Professionals Relax for Over 15 Years

"Yoga nourishes my soul and mind."


— Greg

"I found a Yoga Community I could really be a part of."


— Cheryl Murray

"I love Satori. It is a very welcoming place for people of all ages."


— Nancy Cave

"I was looking for a practice to help me stretch more... Somehow, I found Satori Yoga, an intimate and diverse studio."

"The notions I had regarding yoga almost prevented me from giving the studio a try. Thankfully, I did, and nearly two years later, I find myself walking through that same door approaching four times per week.

What I have discovered are passionate, talented, caring and encouraging instructors who offer a kaleidoscope of classes aimed at varying levels and approaches to precisely what I was seeking:
stretching, flexibility and overall body health.

For anyone who is athletically active, or for anyone that wants to add some body movement to their lives,
I believe Satori's varied offerings from basic stretching to advanced yoga flow are a total no brainer ...
Really, this space and its community are real gems."

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