Allie Stark

The yolk of yoga is woven into the veins of Allie’s being. She approaches both her practice and teachings as a tangible connection to the body, and an avenue for nurturing, transformation, and creativity. Allie began practicing at the age of 14, and became certified to teach as she graduated from High School. Over the past five years her teaching has evolved with a playful presence to acknowledge and respect one’s own being. Her Anusara inspired Vinyasa classes combine not only breath and alignment, but the importance of laughter and community. When we learn to love from within, the true light of a yogi prevails, one that acknowledges empathy, unity, and peace.

Allie has been registered to teach with Yoga Alliance since 2004. Her teaching style is continuously influenced by her mentors – Jordan and Martin Kirk of Scottsdale, Arizona. Her interest in different forms of yoga is as creative as her classes, ranging from AcroYoga to volunteer work with the Art of Yoga Project.

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