Berenika Alexandre

Berenika was born and raised in Prague, where she earned her MS. She spent the past few years in San Francisco working in the tech industry with yoga becoming her only refuge and link to the Source in a busy 16 hr a day startup schedule. In the hypermasculine overachieving environment she became disillusioned about this lifestyle and felt deeply called to seek for an inner technology that can bring more soul into her body, balance her feminine and masculine and empower her to step into her purpose. Everything in her life started shifting and transforming and she slowly started stepping into her power. Working on self-expression is a big part of her personal journey and it reflects in the way she teaches. She intends to empower you to step into your true self, express freely and find your inner voice.

Berenika specializes in Kundalini Yoga and the power of sound current as a way of embodying your higher self. Her intention for each class is to create a powerful container & heart-centered environment rich with encouragement. Follow her on Instagram @weareancestors

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