Brett Larkin

Brett has over fifteen years of ballet and modern dance training and is certified yoga teacher under Alan Finger (founder of YogaWorks and ISHTA Yoga). Brett teaches her own unique blend of meditation and vinyasa yoga at studios in San Francisco, companies like Google, as well as online through her YouTube channel, where thousands of students have taken her classes for over 1.5 million minutes. Her classes have been described as “serene and strong” and “challenging yet placating” at the same time. Her online class “Detoxifying Yoga Flow” was named one of the Top 5 Online Yoga Workouts of 2013. Brett takes inspiration from Gyrotonic spiral movements, myofascial release and The Barre Method in her sequencing. Brett is also a Certified Massage Therapist specializing in myofascial release and unwinding. Visit her online at