Brielle Mariucci is a yogi, graphic designer, and disco enthusiast. She loves movement of all kinds, and is always looking for new ways to move and push herself. What brought Brielle to yoga was handstands, but what ironically held her attention was the sense of peace and ease it brought to body, mind, and inner being.

She truly believes that when we can have a safe space to explore self compassion, love, and non-judgment within, we are better equipped to enter the world as open and loving humans. Brielle?s classes build strength and stability by focusing on specific muscle groups or poses, informed by anatomy and the science of yoga. There is so much to learn from this practice, but there is also so much to learn from within. Join Brielle we dive deep into both!

Her teachers/mentors are Danni Pomplun and Martine Hammers.

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