Dastan Khosaw

All my life I thought I was doing alright. In 2010 I was in an accident that put me in coma for seven days. I crashed my skull and broke my collarbone and a few ribs. After seven days in coma and being pronounced dead three times- for over 60 seconds, I faced the biggest challenge of my life: accept the fact that I needed the skull surgery and the rest of my bones to be tubed or self rehabilitation.

Anyone who knows me can tell you I don’t believe what I hear, so I had to see it for myself and try to get up on my feet on my own. It took me 9 months to learn to walk and gain my memories back, and I had a chance to get rid of the past at the same time, when I chased a memory that brought a smile to my face, I went deeper into it, but memories that gave me goose bumps I dropped them and as I far as I can I will never pursue to them. I even came up with a saying, “Keep the best, drop the rest” No drama…

But as far I could go still I wasn’t complete. I received B.K.S Iyengar’s book Light on Yoga. With it as my road map, I taught myself Yoga step by step, and I realized how unconsciously I was living my life. Like so many others I was breathing unconsciously, not moving right, not standing right and even the pattern of my thoughts were not observed or controlled by me. I took everything personally and anything others said about me or to me bothered me.

The eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga have been my lesson to learn and allow them to reflect on my life. Through them we learn to understand what life is about and we begin to live a life true to our nature.


So for me Yoga means (The Art of Life)

No Yama No yoga

No Niyama No Yoga

No Asana No Yoga

No Pranayama No Yoga

No Pratyahara No Yoga

No Dharana No Yoga

No Dhyana No Yoga

We will reach Samadhi when we follow the path each second of every day.As we practice this every day we better serve humanity, in selfless service