Our best pricing on unlimited yoga + meditation, personal training, business & life coaching + reiki at Satori.

I wanted to reach out to you now though, to express my gratitude to you for making it another amazing year of movement, breath, self reflection and growth at Satori. Our community is doing amazing work in the world, supporting causes both near and far as well as spreading the benefits of yoga and meditation throughout the financial district. I am so inspired by you! Your stories of everyday courage, compassion, bravery and perseverance truly keep me going especially on those days when I’m struggling to keep my head above water.

Lately I’ve been wondering how Satori could make an even larger impact on our community. How can we make 2016 The Best Year Yet for each and everyone of us? For years, I have relied upon my personal “team of experts” to keep me grounded, healthy and focused on my goals. They are a motley crew of coaches, bodyworkers, holistic practitioners and colleagues who (insert air quotes) get me, and are committed to helping me live my best life. They pay attention and call me out when my limiting beliefs show up to tell me, “I can’t do it” or I may not be worthy. They allow me to share my most vulnerable secrets so that I can begin to break through the barriers that are holding me back!

So, in anticipation for the new year, we have partnered with some amazing coaches and practitioners to help YOU create YOUR personalized “team of experts” to live your most radiant life. We’ve partnered to create packages that will allow you to catapult yourself to achieve your goals or to help you create sustainable goals that excite and inspire you.

I’m really excited about this NEW offering. You are also welcome to set up an intro call with any or all of these stellar practitioners to see if they resonate and “get you.”

Also, let me know if you have worked with any incredible practitioners that would resonate with the Satori community.

I hope you all have a great holiday season, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Namaste, Andrea
(Owner, Satori Yoga Studio)

12 Months of Yoga & Meditation


Unlimited Yoga & Meditation Classes at Satori Yoga for 2016.

Over 50+ Classes Each Week Before Work, During Lunch, Mid-Day or After Work + Weekends. All Levels Welcome.

(Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar,?Yin, Restorative, Prenatal Yoga, PiYo, Meditation + More!)

12 Months of Unlimited Yoga & Meditation?= $1200
OR $120/Month
(Redeem monthly offer in studio or by calling 415-658-7337)
offer expires 1/31/16


Wellness Coaching w/Allie Stark

alliestark 4

Allie Stark offers a uniquely creative and integrative approach to support and empower thriving, joyful people to live in courageous chronic health. Become your most easeful and radiant self.
Allie Stark, MA, RYT is a no-nonsense, wellness warrior. She believes that courage, self-compassion, and vulnerable expression are the foundation of optimal health and well-being. She knows that saying no to something or someone else, often means saying yes to yourself and believes in the power of gratitude, compassionate communication, and building integrity-filled relationships as a means for overcoming persistent pain and illness.
5 Sessions = $525
10 Sessions = $950
$55 OR $90/Month
(Redeem monthly offer in studio or by calling 415-658-7337)
offer expires 1/31/16

Business & Life Coaching?w/Thomas Meli

ThomasMeli 3

Thomas Meli helps you overcome the
numerous obstacles that can delay the realization of your higher vision. He has helped dozens of CEO’s and emerging leaders turn their inspiration into transformation so they can make the impact they want.

Thomas is renowned around the world for his capacity to see into the root causes of habits and patterns that don’t serve to shift your awareness into a new level of freedom.?You will work together to create actionable daily and weekly routines to make this shift habitual and a permanent part of who you are.

5 Sessions = $1125
10 Sessions = $2000
$105 or $175/Month
(Redeem monthly offer in studio or by calling 415-658-7337)
offer expires 1/31/16

Personal Training?w/Jennie Hayes (Private or Group)

Jennie_2335 3

Jennie Hayes has been a student of yoga for the past twelve years and studying the human body for the past eight.

In her personal training sessions with Jennie she combines strength training with small free weights and body weight exercises to build muscular strength and endurance while also improving cardiovascular capacity. Stretching is also incorporated to address muscle tone and flexibility. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist as well as a yoga teacher.

10 Private Sessions = $750
10 Small Group Sessions = $500
$55 or $75/Month
(Redeem monthly offer in studio or by calling 415-658-7337)
offer expires 1/31/16

Spiritually-Based Life Coaching or Reiki Sessions
w/Sunny Tamayo-Dewitt

sonsiris_new 2

Sonsiris “Sunny” Tamayo-DeWitt, MDiv, MA, offers spiritually based life coaching for your journey to greater inner clarity and mind-body-spirit wellness. She uses an integrative approach that will deepen your self-awareness, increase trust in yourself and your personal power, and bring healing and restoration into the relationship with yourself.

Sunny brings the wealth of 10+ years of hands-on-experience, academic study, and training as?a Reiki master and incorporates holistic modalities such as chakra balancing, dreamwork, and more. Sonsiris works with people of all faith traditions and of no faith tradition.

5 Sessions = $500
10 Sessions = $850
$55 or $85/Month
(Redeem monthly offer in studio or by calling 415-658-7337)

offer expires 1/31/16