At a young age, Jack found yoga and was immediately captured by its transformative benefits. Now, after practicing and teaching yoga for more than nine years, yoga is key to Jack’s cultivation of authenticity, wellness, and success. Essential to the methodology and philosophy behind Jack’s yoga approach is the refinement of acceptance. Each person arrives in yoga with their own unique abilities and Jack emphasizes the importance and power in sitting in one’s truth, while letting go of judgment. This additionally means that, for Jack, yoga is not just the physical practice of stretching, strengthening, and improving balance, but also the (sometimes difficult) process of moving through trauma, learning to love yourself, and embracing the unique manifestation that is you. Jack seeks to teach a physically intensive class without foregoing skill, attention, and mindfulness. Therefore, students feel both the physical benefits of the practice and that they learn something new each time.

Jack is well versed in most avenues of yoga, including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, Anusara, and Iyngar. He has studied under many master teachers. In 2010, Jack received his first 200-hour teacher training under Jason Crandell in San Francisco, during which he learned the art of skillful sequencing and alignment. In 2015, Jack attended his second 200-hour training at the Boulder YogaPod. In 2017, Jack finished his 300 ? hr Advanced Training with Jason Crandell.