Laurie Babinski

Laurie started practicing yoga in 2008 when the most unfortunate invention of our time, the Blackberry, had just become all the rage. She had very little free time and needed a place where she could turn off her digital leash, get out of her own head, and get some exercise all at the same time. Enter yoga.

She remembers her first teacher saying that downward-facing dog was a resting pose and thinking, to put it in a more polite series of four-letter words, “yeah sure.” It took her many years to realize that teacher was right. She has since transformed into an arm balance and inversion junkie with a penchant for playlists that can be alternatively lively and moody.

Laurie came back to California by way of Washington, D.C., where she practiced and taught at Tranquil Space, a studio in Arlington, Virginia and Washington D.C. By day she is an in-house lawyer at a fintech startup.

Laurie encourages students to have fun, laugh at themselves, and embrace their imperfections. She is inspired by a mantra that has guided her over the years: “You are, in this moment, exactly where you need to be.”

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