Magi Khoo


Magi was doing poses such as urdhva dhanurasana, sarvangasana and runner’s lunge as a teen growing up in Malaysia on the track & field team. Then she discovered the wider breath of asanas at the USF gym while getting her M.A. in Education back in 2002 as a way of balancing school with a hectic corporate life.  It wasn’t until she attended classes at proper yoga studios around San Francisco that she started delving into the depth of what yoga has to offer: a beautiful integration of mind, body and spirit.

Her yoga is informed by three gems: a hatha and vinyasa-based practice learned from the deluge of SF’s amazing teachers; three months of intensive yoga courses in  India studying with senior Iyengar teachers – the Chanchani’s, Usha Devi and Br. Rudra Dev; and a decade long meditation studies that culminated in a recent 10-day Vipassana meditation course in Thailand. She brings a sense of lightheartedness with firm grounding into her classes.

Magi’s teaching style is considered to be that of the general Hatha style of San Francisco: a good mix of breath-based intelligence in Vinyasa with structural influences of alignment-based Iyengar.