Teachers, and teachings, often come when and where we least expect them. For Mary Fox, a total hip replacement and rheumatoid arthritis brought her to a funny, irreverent yoga man named Larry Schultz when she was seeking a way to ease pain and deal with injury. Larry was hardly the classic yoga teacher (he was the Grateful Dead’s yoga teacher), but he taught her that first and foremost, we all have to be our own teacher.

After practicing at It’s Yoga in San Francisco for almost ten years, Mary completed 200 hour YTT which changed her life in so many positive ways. A few years later she met a crack up of a woman with a thick Massachusetts accent on Balboa Street in San Francisco. Her name was Joy Ravelli, and in 2014 Mary graduated from Purusha Yoga School’s 300 hour training as a yoga therapist.

Mary also has more than fulltime corporate job where she also teaches yoga. Which is proof that yoga creates space and time for us when we need it most. Come and share the practice with her, and we’ll explore vinyasa, classic rock, the sutras and meditation. In the words of Thich Naht Hanh, let’s turn the endless path to joy.