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Read about our massage therapists below and book an appointment with the therapist of your choice as indicated. You may pay in advance online here. Please note, Satori has a 24 hour cancellation policy.

Zabet Gerber

Zabet believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. She offers therapeutic & relaxation massage using Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Swedish, Trigger Point, Shiatsu, Thai, Reiki, & Structural Integration techniques to support and facilitate the body’s unwinding of physical, emotional, and/or energetic holding. Sessions are customized to the needs of the client. Zabet works intuitively & structurally to meet each client wherever they are while creating a safe container for their healing process. She welcomes individuals who may have had a challenging relationship with touch or with their bodies, providing conscious, communicative, and respectful touch-based healing within their own comfort level and pace. Zabet is trained in Pre- and Post- Natal massage.

Visit Zabet’s website or email to book an appointment with Zabet.

Jennie Hayes

My bodywork is an integration of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Therapy, and a combination of Eastern modalities such as Shiatsu and Thai Massage. Drawing from an expansive knowledge base allows me to bring different tools to each session, depending on the needs of my clients. My training and background is in both clinical and relaxation-focused massage. I also frequently work with those recovering from soft-tissue injury. As noted on the Massage page, each session is customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Dealing with a wide range of clients- including those who are in chronic pain seeking a program for relief, the 9 to 5 worker needing to relax and unwind, to the expecting mother- brings versatility and consistent growth to my practice. The work I do includes a variety of stretches and joint mobilization techniques that facilitate deep release via subtle movement.

Visit Jennie’s website or email to book an appointment with Jennie.

Rachael Cleghorn

Rachael Cleghorn utilizes massage and yoga as healing tools to help others recover from or cope with challenges posed by stress and exhaustion related to our shared and demanding human condition. She specializes in helping people repair and maintain their bodies for optimal performance and in fostering an awareness of the connection between the body, the mind and our world. She is a frequent contributor to LA YOGA Magazine and is certified in prenatal massage.
Please visit Rachael’s website  to book an appointment.

Kara Oceans

My name is Kara and intuitive connection with your well-being is a joy: A session is like a journey, nourishing body, mind and spirit, while also embracing a simple and blissful space for you to just be. We can draw on a variety of modalities for your tailored session, supporting relaxation, reconnection and rejuvenation. I am a certified massage therapist providing a healing massage in the swedish style (great for circulation), and also in deep tissue, inviting muscle release. Energy work is a speciality. I am a reiki master and also a certified acupressurist, in the “jin shin” style, which is a very gentle energy space in which the meridian points are held, through the clothes, supporting health. Chakra balancing and cranial sacral therapies can be incorporated as well. I have often been an energetic connector between mother and child and can also support with postpartum emotional balancing.

Email to book an appointment with Kara.