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Jennie Hayes

Jennie Hayes has been a student of yoga for the past twelve years and studying the human body for the past eight.

In her personal training sessions with Jennie she combines strength training with small free weights and body weight exercises to build muscular strength and endurance while also improving cardiovascular capacity. Stretching is also incorporated to address muscle tone and flexibility.

Visit Jennie’s website or email to book a personal training session with Jennie.

Bodywork sessions with Jennie an integration of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Therapy, and a combination of Eastern modalities such as Shiatsu and Thai Massage. She draws from an expansive knowledge base to bring different tools to each session, depending on the needs of each clients. Her training and background is in both clinical and relaxation-focused massage. She also frequently works with those recovering from soft-tissue injury.

Each session is customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Dealing with a wide range of clients- including those who are in chronic pain seeking a program for relief, the 9 to 5 worker needing to relax and unwind, to the expecting mother- brings versatility and consistent growth to Jennie’s practice. The work she does includes a variety of stretches and joint mobilization techniques that facilitate deep release via subtle movement.

Visit Jennie’s website or email to book a massage appointment with Jennie.