Michelle Emmanuelle


Michelle has over fifteen years experience as an educator, conflict mediator, mentor, business professional and a mind/body practitioner. She has created an entire Yoga/Wellness program for a high school in Oakland, led Wellness/Fitness classes in both the U.S. and France, coached business professionals in various industries from technology to to the film industry and had the privilege of leading workshops ranging from anti-racism in the wellness industry to Recess for Resilience to support finding balance in the midst of stress and change.

As a 500 hour certified Yoga Instructor and Wellness Coach, she believes strongly, through experience, that true change only happens when it is sustainable, and sustainability happens by having agency and accessibility in choices that best suit one’s lifestyle.

Her signature system of supporting people in their wellness goals is to include accountability (for support), creativity (to consistently challenge perspectives) and mindset (what we think literally creates our reality).