Mira Valeria

Empowerment and connection drive my purpose. In yoga, the physical practice drew me in first, as it does for most; my spiritual practice was born as a result. I thrive on the physicality of a blood-pumping challenge; sweating keeps me sane and grounded in my body and balances out my highly analytical and overly critical mind. While my time at the World Bank and State Department fed a desire for empowerment and self belief, and several years of living and working in poor communities throughout Latin America showed me the value of individual connection, it was the yoga practice that ultimately brought me home to Self.

As an academic, I value methodical sequencing and quality instruction; I prioritize precision, mindfulness and excellence. The practice of Bhakti, however, cracked me open to surrender, love and compassion.

I am a beginner. Always a student. I have completed 1000+ hours of teacher training with my primary teachers, Jason Crandell and Rusty Wells, and have attended countless workshops with well-known teachers from around the globe. I am continuously in search of my next training.

My classes are rooted in gratitude – to Self, to others, and to all teachers, in whatever form they appear. I strive to teach students to cultivate their own practice of love and devotion in a way that feels authentic to them; to practice ahimsa and santosha, meaning compassion and fulfillment, wherever they are in life; and to embrace change, breathe through uncomfortable moments and allow for some freedom to play. Expect lots of sweat and, hopefully, some laughter.

Mira Valeria is a San Francisco-based Yoga instructor and the owner and director of Santa Fe Thrive, an indoor cycling and yoga studio in Santa Fe, NM. She is a writer, translator and wanderlust polyglot. She is available for private lessons, workshops, teacher trainings and interpreting gigs around the globe. Learn more at miravaleria.com.

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