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Chaele Cooper, Pilates Instructor

Pilates Mat

Based on the Pilates exercise system, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and coordination, Pilates mat classes are a  perfect complement to your regular workout routine. They are also a wonderful way to begin your journey into fitness.  Pilates is based on the six principles of concentration, centering, control, precision, breath, and flow.

Our large format classes are taught by Chaele Cooper:

Chaele is a certified Pilates Instructor whose enthusiasm for health, well being and physical fitness is boundless. Chaele discovered the transformative effects of physical activity, nutrition and meditation in her teens and has been passionately exploring the connection between body, mind and soul ever since.  In addition to having studied Shiatsu massage, Ayruveda, EFT (“Tapping”) and nutrition, Chaele is an avid athlete who enjoys snowboarding, biking, yoga, kickboxing, running and weight lifting. Chaele discovered Pilates after a few too many bruises and broken bones and found that nothing had ever fed her soul or felt as intrinsically and intuitively “right” as Pilates. Immediately, she found that the practice enhanced all of her other activities by giving her body and mind increased strength and awareness.

Class description: Pilates is a system of physical and mental conditioning that uses resistance rather than impact to strengthen and stretch the entire body, as well as to calm and focus the mind. Emphasis is on quality of movement rather than quantity of reps or weight lifted. Although all movements are initiated and flow outward from a strong center or core, the Mat repertoire is full body conditioning and you can expect a challenging work out. By focusing on alignment and precision, muscles are developed uniformly, which helps to correct imbalances, improve posture and prevent injury. Consistent Pilates practice results in a strong core, longer, leaner muscles, strong, stable joints, reduced stress, increased endurance, circulation, flexibility and much more.

Semi-private Pilates Mat

Melinda KausekSatori’s Semi-private Pilates with Props classes are taught by Melinda Kausek:

In a nutshell, Melinda both practices and teaches Pilates because it feels good. It was love at first class, when she left her City College “Dance Conditioning” class feeling longer, lighter, and stronger than she thought possible in a single hour. After a semester of studying both the exercises and a bit of the theory and anatomy behind it all, her teacher encouraged her to pursue her certification. Two years later she had completed the Pilates Academy International Certification program on all apparatus and shortly after became a full-time instructor.

These days nothing makes her happier than seeing her students leave her classes with that same longer, lighter, stronger feeling she still gets from Pilates. With a former work/life balance of 40+ hours behind a computer screen and 20+ hours of dancing in high heels a week, she knows first hand how Pilates can be tailored to fit any body and any lifestyle. As an instructor, she approaches her classes with a balance of both depth and flow, humor and poetry, teaching her students to connect with their bodies in a mindful way, while having fun and getting a great workout.

In addition to her basic training, she is a Certified Pre/Postnatal Pilates Specialist through The Center for Women’s Fitness and has completed a 12-week Pilates Rehabilitation Intensive led by Lizz Roman. She continues to study anatomy and other movement forms such as Feldenkrais, Yoga, and dance as a way to further develop her teaching skills. For more info, check out her website.

Our Mat classes are limited to 6 students,  pre-registration is recommended.

Equipment-based Pilates

Chaele Cooper Pilates and Wellnessconveniently located within Satori, offers one-on-one and semi-private Pilates sessions in a private, light-filled studio equipped with top of the line Gratz apparatus as designed by Joseph Pilates.  Whether you are looking to increase strength and flexibility, improve athletic performance, correct posture, lose weight, reduce stress, alleviate back pain, rehab an injury or all of the above, Chaele will design an individualized program and partner with you to make your goals a reality and your life that much better. Please contact Chaele directly for more information or simply, book an appointment!