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Introducing – Satori Online!

For over a decade Satori Yoga Studio has catered to the needs of our modern lifestyle – providing relief for those of us who work at a desk for most of the day. We have welcomed countless students into classes that help to relieve the aches and pains of working on a computer, ease repetitive stress injuries, and combat jet-lag from business travel.

We also know life gets busy, and sometimes you just can’t make it into the studio. So, we’ve created a library with some great videos to help you stay connected to your practice whether you’ve got 5 minutes or 45 minutes.

We’ve got videos to help you gain more energy and motivate before work, as well as short segments you can do at your desk to get that mid-day pick me up, and shorter or longer sequences for after work. Each video is unique, and our variety of class types offer something for everyone whether you want a stronger or gentler practice.

All levels welcome. We are creating new videos based on your requests, everyday – so keep in touch and tell us what kinds of videos you’d like to see.

We offer plans that allow you to pay per month, or pay per year.

As a bonus our Unlimited Monthly Subscribers get to stream for FREE, and Urban Yogi class pack holders will get 50% off.




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