Satori Re-open date has been moved to October 1, 2014!

Hello, yes this is the space which would normally list our weekly schedule. We are currently going through a time of transition as we move from our home of 10 years into a new space about 5-7 minutes away. We are excited about this new phase but we were recently hit with some unforeseen construction delays which has delayed the opening of our new space by about 3 weeks.

Here are the answers to many of the questions about our move:

What? Move? Why?
We were informed back in April that our building was being sold and given 30 days to vacate the premises. As a condition of the sale, the building had to be empty, so we were given an eviction notice. Since the other tenant (the language school) and Satori were both on month-to-month leases there was very little recourse. I had to make a decision, do I go the way of so many SF businesses and shut my doors after 10 years of serving the Financial District or to I buck it up, throw caution to the wind and continue to follow my passion wherever it leads me? I figured I’d start by letting our amazingly supportive, creative and connected clientele know and seeing what happened next…long story short, I decided to find a new space, negotiated more time with the new owners of 40 1st Street and here we are 4 months later, about to embark on the next phase of Satori Yoga Studio!

Where are you moving to? What’s the new address? What’s the new space like?
Satori will be moving to 110 Sutter Street, Suite 100 near Montgomery Street at the beginning of October. The new space is about 700 square feet smaller than our current location so we will loose a couple of the luxuries (like storage and a kitchen) that we have now. We will have two yoga rooms, a massage/privates room, 2 bathrooms (sorry we couldn’t fit showers) and 4 changing rooms.

We are also gaining walls to the ceiling which should cut down on the pre/post class noise during savasana, and a ground floor presence which should help folks find us! Yes, I know you’ll all be bummed, but we are loosing that rickety stairwell leading up to the second floor, so you’ll have to get your pre class workout elsewhere! We are also loosing that lovely smelling outdoor vestibule in front of the space, it will be replaced with a lovely lobby with…a door man! Can you believe it?

When is the move? Will there be any down time?
We will have our full schedule of classes until Friday, August 29th. Our last class at 40 1st Street will be Debbie Steingesser’s 5:15 pm Happy Hour Flow on Friday, August 29. The new space WAS slated to open on September 8th with a new schedule AND new rates to cover the huge rent increase we have had to take on, with the market being what it is.

Revised: Due to unforeseen construction delays, there will be 1 month of downtime from August 30- September 30.

Will I be able to use my current class card at the new space?
Yes, of course you will! You can expect the same client-focused customer service at the new space. Our increased prices will make it possible to hold on to the little perks you’ve come to expect from Satori, warm scented towels, free mats, etc.! The last thing I want to do is to nickel and dime you, I simply ask that you keep in mind that if I cannot pay the bills we all lose out! Please note: We will extend all class cards for the month that we are out of service.

Will there be mat storage? When should I take home my mat?
Mat storage is one of of the things I’m not sure there will be room for in the new space. I know, it’s unfortunate, but until we get in there and have moved in all the essentials, I just won’t know so I’m asking that you take your mat home with you you before the 29th. Revised: All mats left at the studio after 8/29 were donated to a local charity. Thanks so much for your contribution.

When can I see the new schedule? What are the new rates?
Soon, I promise. You can expect the same basic schedule that we’ve had in the current space plus a bunch of new offerings in the other room. As far as the rates go, this is math at a whole new level, so please be patient. I’m working on it…

In the meantime, feel free to stock up on classes at the current rates because, as I mentioned before, you can use them at the new space. The drop-in rate is increasing though so if your classes expire (YES, we will give extensions for any downtime) you’ll be upgrading them to the new drop-in rate.

Check out the We’re moving slide on our homepage, for more information!