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NOTE: Due to Coronavirus / SIP our wellness and massage services are currently on hold. Please stay tuned, and we will update you when it is safe to re-open and book a bodywork session!

Bodywork is an essential complement to an invigorating workout, or the perfect answer to life's mental and physical challenges.

Enjoy our private, clean and serene atmosphere in the heart of downtown San Francisco through the healing touch of our highly qualified therapists. Satori Yoga Studio has several licensed massage therapists, and a reiki master on staff.


Massage with Jennie Hayes

Jennie has been practicing massage since 2008 and with the Satori community since 2010. Her bodywork sessions are described as blissful and therapeutic, drawing from a background in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and Myofascial Release therapy. Each session with Jennie is unique in that is every body is unique and has its own parameters for release and relaxation. Her training and background in both Yoga and Exercise informs her work. Jennie promotes holistic wellness and feels that is important to address the mind, body and spirit. She is also a practicing Astrologer and Yoga instructor at our beloved studio.

Acupuncture with Alexandra Sanchez.

Acupuncture is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a medical system that has been used in the treatment and prevention of disease for over 2,500 years. It's a safe, gentle, and minimally invasive treatment that stimulates the body's natural, self-healing abilities.

Acupuncture benefits the body by:

  • improving blood flow
  • releasing endorphins and anti-inflammatory compounds
  • boosting hormones that aid in tissue repair
  • activating the immune system
  • Patients often report improvement in their sleep, energy level, mental clarity, mood, and eating and bowel habits with regular acupuncture treatments. Many may also experience an overall reduction in stress and an increased sense of well-being and contentment.

According to the World Health Organization, clinical studies have shown acupuncture to effectively treat a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions such as: lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, joint pain, sprains, TMJ, facial pain, headaches, dental pain, nausea and vomiting, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, allergies/hay fever and a variety of other diseases.

Janine Trinidad, Reiki Master
Janine Trinidad, Reiki Master

Reiki with Janine Trinidad

Janine Cayla Trinidad is a Certified Holy Fire III® and Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher with direct guidance from William Lee Rand and the Brothers and Sisters of the Light. Janine is also a Certified Medical Reiki Master with training from Raven Keyes, working to bring energy medicine to hospitals and able to offer advocacy for energy healing and support in the medical system. She received her first Reiki attunement from Genevieve McClendon in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition.

Janine has experience working with hospice and cancer patients, dancers and athletes, and the every-day worker bee. As a yoga teacher, movement artist, tantrika alchemist, and ceremonialist, Janine works with moving energies on both the physical and spiritual planes, by shepherding her students and clients to discover and master their unique path in life.


Ayurvedic Consultations with FiDi Ayurveda

Have you been having difficulties with concentration or with energy lately? It might be related to the season changing, but it can also well be because you are not aware of how your own constitution might affect your way to cope with life.

FiDi Ayurveda offers consultations and workshops oriented toward educating Yogis and non yogis who want to dive more deeply into health, through an ayurvedic lens. Ayurveda focuses on promoting health, longevity and the prevention of disease. It restores balance in the mind and body through the removal of toxins in the body that can block the flow of energy and nourishment to the tissues. This is achieved by dietary modifications, nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, customized herbal formulas, yoga routines and meditation.

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