workshops + retreats

Satori Yoga Studio and it’s teachers regularly offer special workshops, retreats and series classes. Check our schedule below for current listings.

Why should I join a Workshop or Retreat?

Whether you are a beginner or have a more advanced practice, there is something unique to be gained from a workshop that you might not find in a traditional class.

Workshops offer a unique and safe opportunity to truly expand your practice. Depending on the topic, you might spend time focusing on a pose that you’ve only skimmed over in class, allowing you to build a deeper understanding of it. Workshops also offer a less formal experience than a typical class, so you’ll be able to ask questions and get more individualized attention from the instructor without disrupting the flow of class. Overall a workshop will help make your practice stronger and help you deepen your commitment to your practice.

Retreats offer students a chance to both “get away from it all” and deepen their practice in a beautiful and relaxing location. In most cases, the cost of accommodation, delicious healthy meals and yoga classes are included in the price. Some retreats are held locally, just a few miles or hours drive away, while others can take you to other states or even different countries. If there is somewhere in the world you would like to to your practice, let us know!

All Satori workshops and retreats are facilitated by teachers who have the desire to share their passion and work with their students on specific aspects of their practice. We’ve offered workshops that range from focusing on advanced poses to learning techniques for internal health issues, and everything in between.

How to register for Workshops

Even if you haven’t regularly attended Satori classes, you are still welcome to join us for workshops, retreats and series classes.

We recommend that you pre-register for all workshops to guarantee your space in class. If there is availability we will accept drop-ins to workshops.

You can register online below, or by calling or dropping into the studio.

Upcoming Workshops and Series Classes: