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We Are Extending Memberships + Practice With Us Online

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Dear Community,

I hope you are all getting settled into our “new normal”. One thing that I’ve been reflecting on a lot over the past few days, is all that we are being called upon to create and nurture our tribes – the friends, family and neighbors who we stay in close contact with, in difficult times like these, that help us to maintain some sense of normalcy and remind us to be grateful to be a part of something greater than ourselves.

I’m grateful for my son and my partner, who I honestly never seem to have enough downtime with. I’m grateful for my friends and neighbors who have been checking in on us and making sure we’re healthy (we are, thank God) and for my family members from far and wide who have been reaching out to make sure everything is ok in San Francisco – funny how we seem to always be making the international news!!

I am also so grateful to be hearing from the members of the Satori community! In a time filled with so much uncertainty, it has been amazing hearing from you with ideas, suggestions of how we move forward and keep our community alive.

We will extend Monthly Memberships. As I’m sure you can imagine this time is particularly scary for many small businesses. We hope that you will consider keeping your monthly membership active for now and allow us to add this downtime to the end of your membership. In the meantime, we have a **library of yoga classes of varying styles available for FREE at for you to keep connected to your yoga and meditation practice.

Do you typically use a 3rd party to attend classes? One student offered to cancel her 3rd party membership for the month to give that $$ to the studio to keep it going! Of course those memberships or passes will become active once we’re back up and running in person! Purchase one here to help us now if you can.

For those of you who have Groupon and Living Social passes, we will extend those packages to make up for this lost time.

Finally, if you would like to buy a gift card now to use in the future, please use the button below or click here to do so!

Of course, if you need to cancel your membership at this time because it will cause financial hardship, please reach out to us directly at

I am also infinitely grateful for the healthcare workers who are going to work each day while we sit in the comfort and safety of our homes. We are looking for ways to support our local nurses and doctors, please also send over any ideas you might have to lift them up through yoga or meditation as well.

Thanks to each of you who have reached out with message of love a support!

Feel free to share the link to our library of videos (by forwarding this email) with your family and friends to keep them grounded at this moment of uncertainty.


And some of our amazing teachers are going to be offering online LIVE classes and special events for you to do from the safety of your home now to connect more in community!



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