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Dear Community,

This pandemic has been so hard on every single one of us in so many ways. I'm so grateful I've been able to offer livestream classes from so many of our wonderful teachers, align with new teachers to Satori that we've admired or respected, and connect in with community everywhere. Including those of you who have practiced with Satori, but moved or otherwise couldn't make it to our studio in-person.

Through this time I've come to realize that in fact as a small business owner I've never been able to run the business I truly want to, and make it accessible to all the people who need it while paying SF rent prices (especially downtown)!

I've had to make decisions in order to stay afloat that have likely cut out a big section of the folks who might be able to otherwise practice. In this time I believe that there is a new way we can be as a business. It is scary and uncharted territory in so many ways, but also aligned to the heart of this practice.

I want to acknowledge that our landlord has been very generous in offering to lower our rent or defer payments for the time being, but without knowing how long it will take to be back in person I simply cannot incur more debt to hold onto that space. It is so heartbreaking, and I know many of our beloved yoga studios in SF and around the Bay Area and country have had to close. So, I've had to let go of our lease.

I deeply appreciate each and every one of you who pledged and donated to Satori earlier this year, and with your funds we've been able to build our business back up. We've been able to keep our teachers working, and make our classes accessible to as many people as possible. Your investment with Satori has made it possible to be in the place we are in now. And, with you we are taking one step at a time into the future - the one we will create together. Where no one is cut out or left behind. It is time to bring the humanity back into business!

I'm meeting regularly with yoga teachers and studio owners to see if we might be able to work together to create something new (a new space) when the time is right. SO, even though I understand this is sad and heartbreaking in so many ways I'm also super excited about the future of yoga and the future of Satori.

I envision creating a space both in person and online where EVERYONE feels welcome and can attend class whether they can pay or not. Where you feel completely seen and supported. We are dreaming up new ways to think about pricing too where if you are in a place to pay more for your drop in it would ensure your spot and the spot of someone who cannot pay.

Please continue your practice! We all need it right now so much. And, we have an incredible schedule for you featuring all kinds of classes (yoga + beyond) with new additions like meditation, movement classes, dance, more gentle hatha and of course flow too.

If you'd like to say goodbye to the physical space (and pick up your mat), we are offering some times this weekend and next week where you can safely come.

I will be there on Saturday, October 10th from 9am - 12pm, as well as Monday - Thursday (10/12 - 10/15) from 10am - 2pm. All mats left behind after the 15th will be donated.

Stay tuned for an Instagram LIVE session with me this month where I will talk about our plans, and answer any questions you have!

Please know that this is not the END, but the beginning of our next chapter.

I am so grateful for all of you.

Love, Andrea


p.s. View the New Weekly Livestream Schedule


Anti-Racism + Yoga

Since the global uprising of the Black Lives Matter movement after the murder of George Floyd our community-based studio is also taking a stronger stand to create more Anti-Racism events and resources for the community. Satori is one of the very few black-woman and mama owned yoga studios in the Bay Area. Support black-owned businesses!

We believe the yoga practice is fertile ground for going deep, having hard conversations and growing both individually as a community. Check out the schedule for our new Anti-Racism book club events which also include a powerful discussion and a bit of movement.

These book clubs are held multiple times each month to keep the audience both intimate and give you ample time to read a portion or the whole book before you attend.

As a BONUS right now we have a **library of yoga classes of varying styles available for FREE at for you to keep connected to your yoga and meditation practice.

Give the Gift of Yoga! Send a package of livestream classes to a friend, a loved one for a birthday or holiday (or just because!). We even have a weekly prenatal class, so you could buy a pack and send it to a friend who is expecting. To purchase, please use the button below or click here to do so!

Of course, if you need to cancel your membership at this time because it will cause financial hardship, please reach out to us directly at

I am also infinitely grateful for the healthcare workers who are going to work each day. We are looking for ways to support our local nurses and doctors, please also send over any ideas you might have to lift them up through yoga or meditation as well.

Thanks to each of you who have reached out with message of love a support! Feel free to share the link to our library of videos with your family and friends to keep them grounded during while these changing times.

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