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At Satori we are thrilled to continue to partner with and serve companies and nonprofit organizations by offering tools to help support and uplift the working population of San Francisco and beyond.

Though we are not physically in the Financial District, we are more committed than ever to create brave spaces for you and your team to look within, refocus, and regain a sometimes lost sense of perspective.

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What We Offer : 

Virtual yoga & wellness classes, coaching + beyond for businesses of all sizes.


The Satori Difference : 

  • Well-established locally owned yoga studio with a strong reputation and a loyal client base since 2004. Satori is owned by Andrea Stern who worked in HR for over a decade.

  • A wide variety of classes for all levels and interests available online.

  • Opportunities to purchase or "buy out" an existing class for your office (including online classes) - or hire one of our skilled teachers at a time that works for your company.

  • Give your employees a discount on class packs + memberships (and add more perks they'll LOVE to your employee's benefits package).
  • Customized leadership and/or team-building workshops that incorporate mindfulness and light movement, Embodying DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), Burnout Tool kit and more. Learn more about these incredible offerings for collective growth and healing here.

  • See sample list of all current workshops and integrated offerings below.

Offerings - Bundled & A La Carte

  • Yoga or Meditation Classes for Your Team
    Our most popular offering. Bring all of the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness to your organization! Hire one of our expert yoga teachers to teach your employees via ZOOM (one time or ongoing), or we can even record a class that is tailored to your group.

  • Burnout Toolkit for Leaders
    This workshop is for the leadership teams providing information to help recognize, support and prevent burnout in employees. The toolkit includes ways of identifying contributors and solutions to burnout in team meetings, check-ins and overall culture.

  • Burnout Recovery Toolkit
    This workshop identifies the eight primary areas of burnout such as mental, emotional and physical to name a few. By identifying the correct source of the burnout, the appropriate recovery can be applied to rebuild resilience.

  • Embodying DEI (Diversity, Equity + Inclusion)
    While many organizations already have some type of a DEI program/training, this workshop is an introduction to the six module series that supports these existing programs by applying a toolkit of sustainable practices. The workshop covers the first steps of mindset and awareness and introduces the other modules which covers: emotional agility, embodiment, expanding perceptions and narratives, curiosity, relationships, belonging and culture and ways to measure success ie: transformational vs. transactional. The purpose of this series is to provide non-triggering language and tools for these important DEI practices that are based on our commonalities as human beings first.

  • Weekly Wellness Coaching Check-Ins
    Create a rhythm around your wellness practices by integrating a weekly connection and accountability with a wellness coach and other team members.

    This will be a weekly hour-long drop in where attendees can stay for an hour or shorter and receive some practical tips and practices that focus on a primary area of burnout such as emotional, mental or physical. The focus of the week will be decided in advance based on the primary needs expressed in the feedback survey.


Addressing the Whole Person

In its newest iteration, Satori's mission is to help workplaces to create programs and culture that address the Whole Human, not just the segments of a person that they need to get a specific job done.

Because of my background in Human Resources and extensive list of corporate contacts, I hope to take the healing work of the yoga studio INTO the workplace.

By partnering with a team of diverse facilitators, Satori will go beyond offering just yoga and meditation classes.

We now offer a variety of workplace workshops for all team members and trainings specifically for leaders to help the larger organization grow and thrive. I believe that creating a more equitable workforce and World starts with introducing new ways for employers and team members to truly SEE each other. This all begins with you!

Let's get started!

Packages start at $3,000. A la carte offerings such as yoga + mindfulness for your workplace begin at $500.

" I learned to incorporate yoga, meditation and mindfulness into my life which changed me forever."

— James


"Practicing yoga with co-workers is bonding and makes me feel like I am privileged to work in a healthy office. Being on the mat next to someone who works across the building connects us around our common goals."

— Georgia, Save the Redwoods League


"I loved how interactive the session was. It really helped me to self-reflect on how I'm showing up in the world. I found myself thinking about the stuff I'd learned all day after the workshop, I definitely think the tools I learned will be used over and over in both my professional and personal life! I would definitely attend another workshop with Michelle and Jess!"

- Employee Resource Group Leader, Ripple

We'd LOVE to work with you.

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or call 415-689-4872 to learn more and get started!

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