yoga photo 2020 tara zinnamon

Movement has always been a part of my life, from gymnastics to dance, tennis to track events including hurdles, long and triple jump. I first discovered yoga in 2007 as an alternative training method while I was a dancer and choreographer within a modern dance company. My passion for guiding movement has led to my love of teaching dance, yoga and fitness over the past 15 years. Over the years yoga took centerstage and expanded beyond just physical benefits, and in 2016 I trained in Fierce Grace Yoga, mostly to stay somewhat sane during my PhD studies.

I’m a compassionate teacher and my intention is to help students learn more about their own bodies while I prioritize alignment over depth during each class. My sequencing is accessible to a wide range of students as I explain poses and movements from the entry level to the more advanced expressions. To ensure accessibility and inclusivity, I’ve learned modifications and the use of props for neck, knee, back, hamstring injuries, sciatica and pregnancy for many poses. Having experienced years of sports related injuries I’m always happy to discuss ways to make the practice work for you.

I guide my students in a light-hearted and playful way, with an emphasis on mindfulness. Rather than blindly pushing students to their max or encouraging contortion into unnatural shapes, my classes focus on awareness, acknowledgement, and acceptance as a foundation for improvement. After class you’ll feel like you’ve created space for growth, mentally and physically. Ultimately my goal is to get you comfortable being uncomfortable.

Off the mat, I teach dance and fitness, have a PhD in Neuroscience and am an Ayurveda and nutrition nerd. After spending about six years in London and a few months teaching yoga in Rome and Tuscany, I’m excited to be stateside again and explore what the west coast has to offer.

IG: @doimoveyou