Traci (TJ) Joy Burleigh


My full name is Traci Joy Burleigh, and folx often call me TJ. I began my yoga journey at university in 1991, for PE credits, and fell in love. Not at first sight, but over the course of a few years, as I healed, learned, and was inspired to continue exploration, yoga hooked me.

I believe yoga’s breadth and depth truly have something to offer everyone, and to each person at different times. Calm repose, philosophical inquiry, connection to the divine, soft or sweaty movement, breath training, and/or inclusion in a sangha, yoga offers us the tools for modern day stress management, creative living, systemic healing, and community support.

This is what I offer in my classes…the opportunity to explore and find what you need, what yoga can best offer you at this time. My background is in Iyengar yoga, yoga therapy, clinical Ayurveda, western nutrition and medical herbalism, Vipassana meditation, biomechanics, biology, and ritual. My classes reflect this style of wide reaching tools and skills to bring you into your body, focus your mind, and soothe the savage within.

Currently, I am offering 3 unique classes per week – a demanding slow flow class on Mondays at lunch – a chill down regulation, breath based, meditative movement hatha class Wednesday mornings – and a balanced, “medium” hatha class Fridays – something for everyone. Always a blend of art and science, my classes are respectful of classical yoga while being informed by and applicable to modern stresses, I seek to create a grounded sanctuary for engaged healing and radical embodiment during these times of deep change.

I am certified as a yoga therapist and the highest level of accreditation in yoga, with over 5000 hours of training. In addition to teaching publicly, I have a private Ayurveda practice in Bernal Heights, San Francisco, teach in the research dept of UCSF Osher Center, and am revisioning how practice may look to us in this new era. I live an island life on Alameda, paddling, climbing, gardening, making art, and cavorting with my beloved and 3 furs.

Feel free to inquire further at I hope to see you on the mat soon.