A Trusted Partner in
Corporate Wellness
since 2004

Our intention is to support the health and wellness
of your organization’s culture by focusing on the whole person.

Business culture has changed.

It’s time to offer more support, accountability and resources to your team.

We know that when you support your people, your business will grow

and meet the demands of today's world.


In order to build a future that is prosperous for all, it’s time to shift the way you think.


Satori Yoga Studio wants to help you and your employees thrive.




We offer programming that meets the needs of today including Anti-Racism and Embodied DEI (Diversity Equity & Inclusion) support, a Burnout Toolkit, Wellness Coaching, Office Yoga, Meditation and more.


Satori has partnered with leaders in the field to help dismantle systems of oppression from the inside out.


Satori has been a trusted partner for 18+ years!

Hi! I'm Andrea Stern, a Black woman, Mama, and entrepreneur who began Satori in 2004 as an oasis for urban professionals. Our newly expanded Wellness in the Workplace offerings offer comprehensive services to businesses of all sizes (offerings available both in-person and digitally at this time).

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Embodied DEI + Burnout

We are here to support you in addressing some of the biggest challenges your people face today - including DEI at the workplace, and how to prevent burnout (as well as understanding how to address it when it arises), and improving the overall health of your culture and your business.


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Corporate Yoga, Meditation
+ Wellness

Satori Yoga Studio has been partnering with companies for nearly two decades to create yoga programs that bring the benefits of movement, meditation and mindfulness to your employees where they are - at home or in the office.


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Wellness in the Workplace

We're very excited to announce a collaboration between Satori and Wellness Educator Michelle Emmanuelle & Jess Dervin-Ackerman to share an expanded and comprehensive version of our offerings for businesses of all sizes.



Embodying DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) 

In the wake of 2020 many organizations began to reflect on the ways they could take the important steps to do DEI trainings, and start the very needed work of Anti-Racism in our workplaces.

But as we know one-time offerings or evaluations simply do not solve all the issues and create lasting change. When we regularly embody this work lasting change occurs.

The work of dismantling our systems of oppression is lifelong both personally and in our communities and businesses, and we are excited to be offering this new way to engage with all of you!

We now offer : 

Embodying DEI
Burnout Tool Kit for Leaders
Burnout Recovery Toolkit 
Yoga + Meditation Classes
Wellness Weekly Check In's + more!

We're known for our great teachers + faciltators

Our mission over the last nearly two decades has not changed: we hold space for all practitioners regardless of age, race, gender, physical ability, financial means or orientation of any type.

We believe that the benefits of a conscientious practice of yoga, wellness or other methodologies that provide balance, strength and confidence are life-changing.

In fact, we even named our business after it - “Satori” is translated as an opportunity to look within, refocus, and regain a sometimes lost sense of perspective.


Crystal Marie Higgins

Crystal’s classes are nurturing, grounding, and refreshing while incorporating a connection to the season, our natural rhythms, and the elements. She teaches to help others bring balance, strength, and ease back into their lives no matter what life experiences have come their way. Crystal continues to be inspired by her teachers – Abby Tucker, Gloria…

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Jess Dervin-Ackerman

Jess (she/they) is a justice oriented facilitator, embodied trainer, community organizer, and artist. She has 15 years of experience in the political field, working with diverse stakeholders on social and environmental justice campaigns from the local to national level. She has spent the last 5 years studying meditation, yoga, and embodiment and how these personal…

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Tara Zinnamon

Movement has always been a part of my life, from gymnastics to dance, tennis to track events including hurdles, long and triple jump. I first discovered yoga in 2007 as an alternative training method while I was a dancer and choreographer within a modern dance company. My passion for guiding movement has led to my…

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Ritu Kapur

Ritu was exposed to Yoga at an early age in India and became a Certified Yoga teacher in 2009 which influenced her life dramatically. Developing a daily personal practice came naturally and after some introspection, she knew she had to combine her 20 years of practice as an Occupational Therapist and the new found love…

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Katy Steadman

Katy Steadman been teaching yoga since 2001 and practicing since 1996. She teaches in a style that ignites curiosity, and encourages students to explore their whole self. Her method has developed from training in a variety of yoga traditions. From 2004-2007, Katy lived in Hawaii where she studied with her beloved teachers Nicki Doane and…

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Jessica Seid

I found yoga as a way to heal. Initially finding the time on my mat as a physical workout, it morphed into a practice that helped me to restore mentally and emotionally. My life experiences and the resulting trauma opened space for yoga to take centerstage. Because of the impact and transformation yoga had on…

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Traci (TJ) Joy Burleigh

My full name is Traci Joy Burleigh, and folx often call me TJ. I began my yoga journey at university in 1991, for PE credits, and fell in love. Not at first sight, but over the course of a few years, as I healed, learned, and was inspired to continue exploration, yoga hooked me. I…

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Megan Windeler

Megan Windeler firmly believes in the power of movement to help people feel at home in their own bodies and more connected to their lives. Mindful Movement, in whatever form it takes, is her passion. Megan’s classes are creative and full of detail. Expect to work, rest and have space to explore the shapes and…

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Michelle Emmanuelle

Michelle Emmanuelle (she/hers) is an educator, Wellness and Executive Coach. She has over 15 years in education, facilitation and conflict resolution support. Michelle works with a diverse cross section of leaders and organizations from the professional women’s group with Dress for Success to the Global Leadership team for Cisco Meraki. Michelle uses her background as…

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Magi Khoo

Magi teaches because yoga has brought her so much joy and liberation. While she practiced yoga as a teenager in Malaysia, it wasn’t until Magi attended a deeper immersion that she experienced yoga at a more powerful and meaningful level. Yoga brought balance to a hectic corporate life and grad school, and eventually helped Magi…

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Kim Nicol

Kim Nicol teaches Yin Yoga with a very gentle and deeply meditative approach. Her classes are infused with kindness and self-compassion, as she skillfully guides her students to experience the calm and peace within. When she’s not teaching yoga, Kim is an executive coach helping people to be more present, mindful, and effective leaders at…

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Atosa Babaoff

Atosa Babaoff is extremely grateful for coming upon this yogic path as an eternal student and enthusiastic teacher. She trained with the Laughing Lotus College of Yoga in 2008 and has been teaching non-stop since graduating. She aims to teach a grounding, nurturing and inspiring class that ties in elements of breath work, yogic philosophy…

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Janine Trinidad

Janine Trinidad’s dynamic and conscientious, yinyang approach to yoga asana allows students to discover their own authentic synergy, rhythm and voice through movement, be it fast or slow, external or internal. Each class with her is a sweet journey through caverns and skies intending you to feel the simple joy of being in this embodied…

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Voted Top San Francisco Yoga Studio

"Satori is such a wonderful studio, filled with the most amazing teachers, students, and owner!"

— Elizabeth Hall

"I loved how interactive the session was (Embodied DEI). It really helped me to self-reflect on how I'm showing up in the world."

— Employee Resource Group Leader, Ripple

"I would highly recommend this yoga studio to anyone (beginner - advanced). I can already say that this studio has increased my love for yoga tremendously!" 
— Rikki H.

"Your classes have given me a connection with others outside my house and a much needed respite from work and homeschooling. It's something in my day just for me."

— Satori Student

"As an executive, wife and mother, self-care, stress management and balance were much needed in my life."

— Sylvie, Director of Human Resources

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